Stefan Schmeissner

Standard form: Schmeissn.

Author LSID:

Country: Germany

Flourished around: 1990

New names

Phialopteris heterophylla (Sternb. ex Göpp.) van Konijnenb., C.Pott, Kust., Schmeissn., Dütsch et Burgh 2018

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, J. H. A., Pott, C., Kustatscher, E., Schmeissner, S., Dütsch, G. & van der Burgh, J. (2018): Phialopteris heterophylla (Sternberg ex Göppert, 1836) comb. nov., a rare schizaeaceous fern from the Early Jurassic of Bavaria. – Foss. Impr. 74(1–2): 55–64.


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