Patricio López-Sepúlveda

Standard form: López-Sepúlveda

Author LSID:

Country: Chile
Organization: Departamento de Botaìnica, Universidad de Concepcioìn, Concepcioìn

Flourished around: 2019

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Yamada, T., Yamada, T. F., Terada, K., Ohsawa, Takeshi A., Yabe, A., Legrand, J., Uemura, K., Leppe, M., Hinojosa, F. L., López-Sepúlveda, P. & Nishida, H. (2019): Sueria laxinervis, a new fossil species of Cycadales from the Upper Cretaceous Quiriquina Formation in Cocholgüe, Bíobío Region, Chile. – Phytotaxa 402(2): 126–130.


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