De-Shuang Ji

Alternative spelling: D. S. Ji

Standard form: De-Shuang Ji

Author LSID:

Country: China
Organization: Chang'an University
Main area of interest: Paleobotany

New names

Comptonia hirsuta De-Shuang Ji et Xiao in Ji, Xiao, Guo, Li, Wu, Liang, Wang, Xia, Sun & Fu 2022

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Ji, D. S., Xiao, L., Guo, L. Y., Li, X. C., Wu, Z. L., Liang, J. Q., Wang, M. T., Xia, X. Y., Sun, N. & Fu, C. F. (2022): A New Species of Comptonia (Myricaceae) from the Early Miocene of Central Inner Mongolia, China, and Phytogeographic History of Sweet–Fern. – Biology 11: 1326 (16).

Xiao, L., Wu, Z., Guo, L., Li, X., Ji, D. S., Xia, X., Wang, J., Liang, J. & Sun, N. (2022): Late Miocene Leaves and Endocarps of Choerospondias (Anacardiaceae) from Zhejiang, Eastern China: Implications for Paleogeography and Paleoclimate. – Biology 11(10): 1399 (18).


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