Humberto Hernández-Urban

Standard form: Hernández-Urban

Author LSID:

Country: Mexico
Organization: Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Main area of interest: Paleobotany

New names

Calatola verae Estrada-Ruiz, Hernández-Urban, Rodr.-Reyes, Ortega-Flores et Hern.-Damián 2023

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Estrada-Ruiz, E., Hernández-Urban, H., Rodríguez-Reyes, O., Ortega-Flores, B. & Hernández-Damián, A. L. (2023): First report of staminate flowers of Calatola (Metteniusales: Metteniusaceae) from the Miocene Mexican amber. – Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 308: 1–7.


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