Milan Libertín

Standard form: Libertín

Author LSID:


IPNI ID: 20024913-1

New names

Cooksonia barrandei Libertín, J.Kvaček, Bek, Žárský et P.Štorch 2018

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Kvaček, J., Dašková, J. & Libertín, M. (2021): Catalogue of plant fossils described in works by Kaspar M. Sternberg. Second revised edition. – Sternbergiana 1: 1–309.

Libertín, M., Kvaček, J., Bek, J., Žárský, V. & Štorch, P. (2018): Sporophytes of polysporangiate land plants from the early Silurian period may have been photosynthetically autonomous. – Nat. Plants 4: 269–271.


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