Patrick S. Herendeen

Standard form: Herend.

Author LSID:

Country: United States
Organization: Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois
Main area of interest: Cretaceous angiosperms and gymnosperms


IPNI ID: 29215-1

Birth date according to IFPNI.

New names

Archaefagacea Mas.Takah., E.M.Friis, Herend. et P.R.Crane 2008

Archaefagacea futabensis Mas.Takah., E.M.Friis, Herend. et P.R.Crane 2008

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Takahashi, M., Friis, E. M., Herendeen, P. S. & Crane, P. R. (2008): Fossil Flowers of Fagales from the Kamikitaba Locality (Early Coniacian; Late Cretaceous) of Northeastern Japan. – Int. J. Pl. Sci. 169(7): 899–907.


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