John William Dawson

Standard form: Dawson

Author LSID:

*1820 - †1899

IPNI ID: 2042-1

New names

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Dawson, J. W. (1883): On the cretaceous and Tertiary floras of British Columbia and the North West Territory. S.N.: 15–34.

Dawson, J. W. (1875): Notes on the plants, collected by Mr. G. M. Dawson, from the Lignite Tertiary Deposits, near the Forty-ninth Parallel. in Dawson, G. M. (ed.): Report on the geology and resources of the region in the vicinity of the Forty-ninth Parallel, from the Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains. Dawsons Brothers, Montreal: pp. 327–331.


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