Amberiwadiacarpon A.Agarwal et Ambwani

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001203


Authors: A. Agarwal & K. Ambwani

Rank: genus

Reference: Agarwal, A. & Ambwani, K. (2002): Amberiwadiacarpon devgarhensis gen. et sp. nov. from Amberiwadi, Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India. – The Palaeobotanist 51(1–3): 107–111., link

Page of description: 110


Amberiwadiacarpon devgarhensis A.Agarwal et Ambwani

Original diagnosis/description

Fruit capsule, dark brown to blackish in colour, internally hollow, filled with sediments, measuring 7.5 cm long; 5.5 cm broad, 2 mm in thickness. Fruit wall divisible in two layers, the outer and inner, highly fibrous, ridges and furrows prominent, 20 in number, vary from 1 to 3 mm thick and 4 to 5 mm apart running from base to apex, convergent, base broken; stomata present between ridges; inner surface of fruit wall fibrous forming fine mesh work.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood

Names associated with genus


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