Scutifolium David W.Taylor, G.J.Brenner et S.H.Basha

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000016


Authors: D. W. Taylor, G. J. Brenner & S. H. Basha

Rank: genus

Reference: Taylor, D. W., Brenner, G. J. & Basha, S. H. (2008): Scutifolium jordanicum gen. et sp. nov. (Cabombaceae), an aquatic fossil plant from the Lower Cretaceous of Jordan, and the relationships of related leaf fossils to living genera. – American Journal of Botany 95(3): 340–352.

Names associated with genus

Scutifolium jordanicum David W.Taylor, G.J.Brenner et S.H.Basha 2008


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