Filicites scolopendrioides Brongn.

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001513


Authors: A. T. Brongniart

Rank: species

Reference: Brongniart, A. T. (1828): Essai d'une Flore du grès bigarré. – Annales des Sciences Naturelles 15: 435–460, pls xv–xx.

Page of description: 443

Illustrations or figures: pl. 18, fig. 2


Syntype n/n, Muséum de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
Figures: pl. 18, fig. 2

Note: Brongniart (1828: Ann. Sci. Nat. 15: 443) noted that he had 3 specimens of this fern, one of which was figured on pl. 18, fig. 2. Later, Brongniart (1837: Histoire des végétaux fossiles, pl. 137, figs 2, 3) figured 2 specimen, one of them (fig. 2) is the same as that one figured in 1828. Bronginart (1837) also mentioned that the specimens are in Muséum de Strasbourg.

The date for publication of Brongniart (1837) is taken from IFPNI website. Andrew, H. N. jr. (1970: Index of Generic Names of Fossil Plants, 1820-1965. – Geological Survey Bulletin, 1300: 194) stated a year 1836 for the same publication.

Original protologue

... fronde simplici lineari, undulatá , nervo medio crassissimo, nervis lateralibus nullis vel non distinctis (simplicibus). Tegumentis, capsulas obtegentibus, maximis, oblongis, pinnatim dispositis (nervis lateralibus insertis?), supernè liberis et dehiscentibus.


Triassic, Middle Triassic, Anisian
Stratigraphy according to Dobruskina (1994: Triassic Floras of Eurasia. – Schriftenreihe der Erdwissenschaftlichen Kommission, ÖAW, 10: 1-422).


Vosges, Sultz-les-Bains

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood