Atlantocarpus E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001600


Authors: E. M. Friis, P. R. Crane & K. R. Pedersen

Rank: genus

Reference: Friis, E. M., Crane, P. R. & Pedersen, K. R. (2020): Multiparted, apocarpous flowers from the Early Cretaceous of eastern North America and Portugal. – Fossil Imprint 76(2): 279–296.

Page of description: 286


Atlantocarpus virginiensis E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen

Original diagnosis/description

Floral structure bracteate, pedicellate and structurally bisexual, with a multiparted perianth, androecium and gynoecium. Floral receptacle elongate conical. Ovary superior lacking a hypanthium. Perianth of about 15 tepals in two or more series. Tepals with broad rhombic bases. Androecium of about 15 free stamens in two or more series. Gynoecium apocarpous, of about 40 to 50 carpels arranged spirally along the elongated receptacle. Style lacking, stigmatic region extended. Carpels apparently ascidiate.


From the occurrence of the genus on both sides of the Cretaceous North Atlantic.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood

Names associated with genus

Atlantocarpus virginiensis E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen 2020


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