Angustisulcites hexagonalis P.R.Gut. et Zavattieri

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001784


Authors: P. R. Gutiérrez & A. M. Zavattieri

Rank: species

Genus: Angustisulcites T.Freud.

Reference: Gutiérrez, P. R. & Zavattieri, A. M. (2021): New Middle Triassic pollen taxa of the San Rafael Basin, Mendoza Province, Argentina. – Ameghiniana 58(1): 12–34., link

Page of description: 22

Illustrations or figures: fig. 7.1–7.7


Holotype MPLP 10348(G) Y33(0), Mendoza Paleopalinoteca-Laboratorio de Paleopalinología (IANIGLA), CCT CONICET, Mendoza, Argentina
Figures: fig. 7.5

Note: Paratypes: MPLP 10348(D) X53(1) (Fig. 7.1), MPLP 10348(C) Y52(1) (Fig. 7.3), MPLP 10376 (E) B55(0) (Fig. 7.7).

Original diagnosis/description

Pollen grain bisaccate, taeniate. Central body of thick exine, transversally subhexagonal to oval in shape. Asymmetric trilete mark, with two rays extending to the equator and the third in transverse sense and less developed. Sacci larger than the central body, slightly distally inclined, and laterally they are juxtaposed. Narrow cappula of straight sides, concave or convex having sporadic nexinal associated folds.


The name alludes to the shape of the central body.


Triassic, Middle Triassic, Ladinian
Quebrada de los Fósiles Formation, lower unit of the Puesto Viejo Group


San Rafael Basin, Mendoza Province

Plant fossil remain

pollen and spores


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