Mendozapollenites P.R.Gut. et Zavattieri

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001785


Authors: P. R. Gutiérrez & A. M. Zavattieri

Rank: genus

Reference: Gutiérrez, P. R. & Zavattieri, A. M. (2021): New Middle Triassic pollen taxa of the San Rafael Basin, Mendoza Province, Argentina. – Ameghiniana 58(1): 12–34., link

Page of description: 17


Mendozapollenites variabilis P.R.Gut. et Zavattieri

Original diagnosis/description

Pollen grain monosaccate, taeniate, subcircular to oval in polar view, both in transversal and longitudinal axis. Insertion of sacci subequatorial on both faces of the central body. Proximal insertion of sacci slightly marked; on the distal face, a narrow tapering cappula, whose edges converge towards the ends. Near the roots of the sacci, striae are present parallel to the sides of the cappula and generally associated with transverse folds. Saccus intrareticulate, with well-defined limb. Central body variable in shape. Cappa exhibiting straight to curved taeniae, irregularly arranged, mainly in the longitudinal direction of the grain, parallel to each other or even crossed between them.


The name alludes to the Mendoza Province (Argentina), where the San Rafael Basin is located.

Plant fossil remain

pollen and spores

Names associated with genus

Mendozapollenites variabilis P.R.Gut. et Zavattieri 2021


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