Tumidopteris clavata Naugolnykh

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001923

Act LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:act:1923

Author: S. V. Naugolnykh

Rank: species

Genus: Tumidopteris Naugolnykh

Reference: Naugolnykh, S. V. (2013): Permian Ferns of Western Angaraland. – Paleontological Journal 47(12): 1379–1462., link

Page of description: 1428

Illustrations or figures: pl. 20, figs 1–6, pl. 21, figs 1–6, pl. 22, figs 1–4

Name is type for

Tumidopteris Naugolnykh 2013


Holotype 4851/167, Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Figures: figs 18–21, pl. 20, figs 1–6, pl. 21, figs 1–6, pl. 22, figs 1–4

Original diagnosis/description

Fronds at least bipinnate. Pinnules sphenopteroid, pinna rachis with well-developed limb. Pinnule apex acute or pointed. Elliptical sporangia arranged in rosettelike sori, with 8–11 sporangia per sorus. Sporangial bases very slightly fused and attached to round receptacle. Apical part of sporangium with small but distinct sinus.


From the Latin clavata, based on the clavate shape of sporangia.


Middle Permian, Kazanian Stage


Russian Federation
Pechora Coal Basin, Khalmer’yusskoe coal mine, borehole KhK-1137, 244.2 m of depth

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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