Platanus subg. Glandulosa Kvaček, Manchester et Shuang X.Guo

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001986


Authors: Z. Kvaček, S. R. Manchester & S. Guo

Rank: subgenus

Reference: Kvaček, Z., Manchester, S. R. & Guo, S. (2001): Trifoliolate leaves of Platanus bella (Heer) comb. n. from the Paleocene of North America, Greenland, and Asia and their relationships among extinct and extant Palatanaceae. – International Journal of Plant Sciences 162(2): 441–458.

Page of description: 444

Original diagnosis/description

Leaves simple to trifoliolate to pedately compound with elliptical to obovate lamina having cuneate bases and acute to attenuate (to acuminate) apices. Leaflets subequal in size, shortly petiolulate to sessile. Venation camptodrome to semicraspedodrome, with pinnate secondaries regularly looping well within the margin. Margin typically simple-serrate with fine and blunt teeth, entire in the lower part of the lamina, or sometimes completely entire. Epidermis of leaves and associated organs having anomocytic (to laterocytic) stomata, one- to five- (to seven-) celled trichome bases, showing a rounded abscission scar, occasionally retaining peltate glandular trichomes, and strongly undulate anticlinal walls.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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