Gleditsioxylon jiangsuensis Y.M.Cheng, X.N.Yang, Z.F.He, B.Mao et Y.F.Yin

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000196


Authors: Y. M. Cheng, X. N. Yang, Z. F. He, B. Mao & Y. F. Yin

Rank: species

Reference: Cheng, Y. -M., Yang, X. -N., He, Z. -F., Mao, B. & Yin, Y. -F. (2018): Early Miocene angiosperm woods from Sihong in the Jiangsu Province, Eastern China. – IAWA Journal 39(1): 125–142.

Page of description: 127

Illustrations or figures: fig. 2


Holotype P2813 (SH17), The Geological Museum of China, Beijing, China
Figures: fig. 2

Note: Holotype characteristic: specimen 12 cm long, 6 × 4 cm in width

Original diagnosis/description

Growth rings distinct. Wood ring porous. Vessels in earlywood mostly solitary, a few radial or oblique multiples of 2–3 (mostly 2); latewood vessels mostly in radial multiples of 2–5 (mostly 2–3), few clusters and solitary. Perforation plates simple. Helical thickenings only in narrow vessels. Tyloses not observed. Intervessel pits crowded, alternate, vestured. Fibers non-septate, pits not observed, thin- to thick-walled. Vessel-ray pits similar to intervessel pits in shape and size. Parenchyma confluent, paratracheal vasicentric, aliform with short wings, frequently unilateral. Long crystalliferous parenchyma strands common. Rays 1–7 cells wide, exclusively homocellular, only composed of procumbent cells.


Neogene, Miocene
Fengshan Formation, Early Miocene


Fengshan Village, Sihong County, Jiangsu Province

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood


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