Bognerospadix Stockey, G.L.Hoffman et G.W.Rothwell

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002112


Authors: R. A. Stockey, G. L. Hoffman & G. W. Rothwell

Rank: genus

Reference: Stockey, R. A., Hoffman, G. L. & Rothwell, G. W. (2021): Fossil evidence for Paleocene diversification of Araceae: Bognerospadix gen. nov. and Orontiophyllum grandifolium comb. nov.American Journal of Botany 108(8): 1417–1440.

Page of description: 1421


Bognerospadix speirsiae Stockey, G.L.Hoffman et G.W.Rothwell

Original diagnosis/description

Spadix cylindrical; flowers numerous, helically arranged, bisexual, perigonate. Tepals six, in two whorls, free, triangular, hooded. Gynoecium flask-shaped, stylar region long, conical, exserted beyond tepals. Ovary trilocular; ovules one per locule. Placentation axile; seeds hemianatropous, verrucose.


The name Bognerospadix (Bogner + spadix) is proposed to honor the late Josef Bogner, international authority on the monocot family Araceae, tenacious promoter of aroid research, good friend, and supporter of all who engage in the study of Araceae.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood

Names associated with genus

Bognerospadix speirsiae Stockey, G.L.Hoffman et G.W.Rothwell 2021


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