Taxoxylon torreyanum Shimakura

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000237


Author: M. Shimakura

Rank: species

Reference: Shimakura, M. (1936): On the fossil wood of Torreya nucifera Sieb. et Zucc. from the Pleistocene of Kanagawaken, Japan. – The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 43(512): 297–302 + pl. 17., link

Page of description: 301

Illustrations or figures: pl. 17, figs 1-6


Syntype 58421, 58422, 58423, Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Figures: pl. 17, figs 1–6

Note: Repository according to Ikeya et al (eds) (2002: The database of Japanese fossil type specimens described during the 20th Century (Part 2): 104).

Original diagnosis/description

Taxacean wood with spiral thickenings on walls of all tracheids, without resin cells and resin canals in normal wood. Growth rings present, feeble, transition from early to late wood gradual. Radial bordered pits of tracheids fairly small, circular or oval, separate, mostly in one, rarely in two, rows, oppositely arranged, with small, oval or oblong pit-apertures; tangential bordered pits abundant in late wood tracheids, small, circular, separate, arranged in 1–3 rows, with vertically elongated lenticular apertures. Spiral thickenings 1–3, mostly 2, relatively loose, right- or left-handed. Crassulae present, indistinct. Rays uniseriate, parenchymatous, horizontal walls fairly thin and slightly thickened, tangential wall very thin and smooth, lateral walls with several half-bordered pit-pairs; pit-pairs relatively small, circular, 2–6 in marginal, 1–4 in medial per field of early, 1–2 in marginal, 1 in medial of late wood; pit-apertures lenticular, vertically elongate. Parenchymatous tracheids and sclerenchyma present in traumatic wood.


Quarternary, Pleistocene
Kamikurata lignite bed
(Shimakura (1936) includes this bed into Lower Pleistocene)


Hodogaya-Motomati (Reg. No. 58423), and Sengen-tyo, Yokohama-city; Kamikurata (reg. No. 58421) and Sinano, Kawakami-mura; Naganuma (Reg. No. 58422), Toyota-mura, Kamakura-gun, Kanagawa-ken.

Ikeya et al (eds) (2002: The database of Japanese fossil type specimens described during the 20th Century (Part 2): 104) list as type localities:
Hodogaya-Motomachi, Kamikurata and Naganuma, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood



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