Secarisporites R.Neves

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002476


Author: R. Neves

Rank: genus

Reference: Neves, R. (1961): Namurian plant spores from the southern Pennines, England. – Palaeontology 4(2): 247–279., link

Page of description: 260


Original diagnosis/description

Trilete, iso- or microspores, equatorial outline subcircular, ovate to subtriangular. The exo-exine is expanded into a series of lobate outgrowths which are of such dimensions as to give rise to an outer zone or pseudo-flange in the compressed spores. The outer zone is not continuous and deep indentations frequently occur between the bulbous lobes. The distal polar region of the spores is covered by an ornament of loosely spaced ridges and warts.

Plant fossil remain

pollen and spores

Names associated with genus


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