Pyracantha pseudococcinea Striegler

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002688


Author: U. Striegler

Rank: species

Reference: Striegler, U. (2021): New leaf species from the upper Miocene flora of the leaf-bearing Wischgrund clay (Lower Lusatia, Brandenburg, Germany). – Fossil Imprint 77(1): 102–110.

Page of description: 105

Illustrations or figures: text-fig. 4


Original diagnosis/description

Small leaves with a petiole, lamina narrowly ovate to elliptical, base obtuse to rounded, apex incomplete, obtuse to probably acute with indistinct mucro. Leaf margin irregularly flat crenate. Primary vein strong, secondaries semicraspedodromous, bifurcated in different places, forming narrow arches with each other and with intersecondary veins; tertiary veins usually branching obliquely from the secondary veins and are perpendicular to the primary vein; fine veinlets entering into the tooth sinus from the outer vein arches.


Similar to leaf margin and venation comparable with P. coccinea, but outline ovate to elliptical instead of obovate as typical for P. coccinea.


Neogene, Miocene, Tortonian
Rauno Formation, Mühlrose Beds, floristic complex "Schipkau” (macrofloristic zone XIII according to Mai 1995), leaf-bearing clay of Wischgrund


clay pit Wischgrund near Lauchhammer, Lower Lusatia, Brandenburg, Germany (devastated by Klettwitz opencast mine in the year 1987)

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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