Beckspringia Licari

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000268


Authors: G. R. Licari

Rank: genus

Reference: Licari, G. R. (1978): Biogeology of the late pre-Phanerozoic Beck Spring Dolomite of eastern California. – Journal of Paleontology 52(4): 767–792.

Page of description: 779

Type taxon

Original protologue

Trichomes multicellular, unbranched, uniseriate, solitary, straight to sinuous, rarely coiled, and nonattenuated. Individual cells commonly keg-shaped with constrictions at septa, or cylindrical with length equal to or slightly greater than diameter; very rarely with cell width less than length. Cells commonly somewhat irregular in length, width and shape. Occasional enlarged spherical, heterocystlike cells along trichomes; other possible reproductive structures unknown. Widths of trichomes observed, 1.2-5 μm. Trichomes typically long with lengths to over 940 μm. Sheath not present


Named for the Beck Spring Dolomite.

Plant fossil remain

cyanobacteria and other prokaryotes