Latisphaera Licari

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000272


Author: G. R. Licari

Rank: genus

Reference: Licari, G. R. (1978): Biogeology of the late pre-Phanerozoic Beck Spring Dolomite of eastern California. – Journal of Paleontology 52(4): 767–792.

Page of description: 784


Original diagnosis/description

Cells spheroidal, occasionally ellipsoidal, solitary, paired, or associated in pseudofilamentous colonies and aggregates. Cells in colonial aggregates may be distorted by mutual compression and surrounded by possible sheath remnants. Cells large, ranging from 19 to 62 μm in median diameter. Surface texture of cells granular to finely reticulate. Wall thickness relatively thin for size of cell (rarely more than 1 μm). Characteristically cells possess a small dark internal spot 1.7-8.5 μm in diameter (generally less than 3 μm), or rarely rods and irregular dark areas. Reproduction apparently by vegetative division


A wide spheroidal cell.

Plant fossil remain

algae - other


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