Platananthus scanicus E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002770


Authors: E. M. Friis, P. R. Crane & K. R. Pedersen

Rank: species

Genus: Platananthus Manchester

Reference: Friis, E. M., Crane, P. R. & Pedersen, K. R. (1988): Reproductive Structures of Cretaceous Platanaceae. – Biologiske Skrifter 31: 1–55., link

Page of description: 13

Illustrations or figures: pl. 5, figs 1–9, pl. 6, figs 1–8


Original diagnosis/description

Staminate inflorescence pedunculate, composed of about 100 closely spaced flowers. Flowers surrounded by prominent tepals. Tepals elongate and apically expanded, about the same length as the pollen sacs. Apical extension of connective clearly delimited at the base, elongate, triangular in outline; usually half to two thirds the length of the pollen sacs, projecting beyond the tepals. Pollen grains small, prolate to spherical, finely reticulate.


From the province of Scania, southern Sweden where the fossils were collected.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous
Lower unit (clay gyttja); Late Santonian/Early Campanian


Höganäs AB quarry at Åsen, Scania

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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