Conglobocella Licari

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000276


Author: G. R. Licari

Rank: genus

Reference: Licari, G. R. (1978): Biogeology of the late pre-Phanerozoic Beck Spring Dolomite of eastern California. – Journal of Paleontology 52(4): 767–792.

Page of description: 788


Original diagnosis/description

Cells generally spheroidal but commonly flattened on two to three sides due to mutual compression into globular packets of two to eight cells. Some packets form elongate cross tetrads. Larger cellular clusters range in length from 18 to 35 μm and in width from 13 to 21 μm. Clusters associated with numerous similar cell aggregates. Surface of cells finely reticulate. Cell sheath absent. Vegetative division in two or more planes.


Named for the groupings of cells in a ball-like aggregate.

Plant fossil remain

algae - other


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