Arcellites disciformis E.L.Miner

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002814


Author: E. L. Miner

Rank: species

Genus: Arcellites E.L.Miner

Reference: Miner, E. L. (1935): Paleobotanical examinations of Cretaceous and Tertiary coals. – The American Midland Naturalist 16(4): 585–625., link

Page of description: 600

Illustrations or figures: pl. 20, figs 61, 64–66

Name is type for

Arcellites E.L.Miner 1935


Syntype 15497, Museum of Palaeontology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Figures: pl. 20, fig. 61

Note: Miner (1935) specified 2 syntypes (calling them cotypes; but he distinguished between cotypes and holotype): "Slides No. 15497, 15498". In addition to the above-mentioned figure, he listed both of these cotypes as being figured on pl. 20, figs 64–66, but did not specified which particular specimen is figured in which figure.

Original diagnosis/description

Rotund, 265–350 μ in diameter, the average being 310 μ; surface pitted; 12–24 tube-like appendages, 24–30 μ in width and 35–88 μ in length, with sides usually parallel, or sometimes slightly constricted near the base; orifices of appendages broadly elliptical, averaging about 10 × 14 μ in diameter.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous


Skansen, east coast of Disko Island, Greenland; 2 miles inland at an altitude of 140 meters

Plant fossil remain

pollen and spores


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