Lobospermum rugosum E.M.Friis, K.R.Pedersen et P.R.Crane

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002853

Act LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:act:2853

Authors: E. M. Friis, K. R. Pedersen & P. R. Crane

Rank: species

Genus: Lobospermum E.M.Friis, K.R.Pedersen et P.R.Crane

Reference: Friis, E. M., Pedersen, K. R. & Crane, P. R. (2009): Early Cretaceous mesofossils from Portugal and eastern North America related to the Bennettitales-Erdtmanithecales-Gnetales group. – American Journal of Botany 96(1): 252–283.

Page of description: 263

Illustrations or figures: figs 54–57


Holotype PP53374, Paleobotanical Collections, Department of Geology, The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Figures: fig. 55

Note: Holotype from sample Puddledock 083.

Paratypes: PP53377–PP53380, PP52705–PP53708 (sample Puddledock 082), PP53709–PP53710 (sample Puddledock 083).

Original diagnosis/description

As for the genus, with the following additions. Outer surface of seed rugulate. Cells of outer sclerenchyma layer not equiaxial in transverse section: cells toward the outside distinctly taller and forming the rugulate surface ornamentation.


Referring to the rugulate surface of the seeds.


Cretaceous, Lower Cretaceous
Basal part of Subzone IIB, Potomac Group; early or middle Albian


United States
Tarmac Lone Star Industries sand and gravel pit, south of Richmond and east of the Appomattox River, Prince George County, Virginia (37°15′45″N, 77°22′25″W)

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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