Emphanisporites morrisae C.H.Wellman

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000289

Act LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:act:289

Author: C. H. Wellman

Rank: species

Reference: Wellman, C. H. (2018): The classic Lower Devonian plant-bearing deposits of northern New Brunswick, eastern Canada: Dispersed spore taxonomy and biostratigraphy. – Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 249: 24–49.

Page of description: 26

Illustrations or figures: pl. V, figs 12–14


Holotype sample BNB33/1, E.F.No. (N43), Centre for Palynology of the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Figures: pl. V, fig. 12

Original diagnosis/description

An Emphanisporites characterised by its relatively large size and large number of robust radially-arranged proximal muri.


After Jenny Morris who provided invaluable assistance in the field working on the Gaspé and New Brunswick Lower Devonian sequences.


Devonian, Lower Devonian, Emsian
Val d'Amour and Campbellton formations of New Brunswick (Pragian–?earliest Emsian polygonalis–emsiensis Spore Assemblage Biozone)


New Brunswick

Plant fossil remain

pollen and spores


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