Paradiospyroxylon Koutecký et Sakala in Koutecký, Sakala & Chytrý

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002961


Authors: V. Koutecký & J. Sakala

Rank: genus

Reference: Koutecký, V., Sakala, J. & Chytrý, V. (2022): Paradiospyroxylon kvacekii gen. et sp. nov. from the Paleogene of the Czech Republic: a case study of individual variability and its significance for fossil wood systematics. – Historical Biology 35(online)(7): 1186–1196.

Page of description: 1187

Original diagnosis/description

Wood semi-ring-porous to diffuse porous; vessels narrow, predominantly solitary, oval to angular in outline and arranged in radial pattern, often closely spaced with single pores separated by axial parenchyma cells. Vessel elements short, perforation plates simple, pits alternate. Rays typically narrow, distinctly heterocellular with procumbent body ray cells and more than four rows of upright/square marginal cells, multiseriate portions often as wide as the uniseriate portions. Axial parenchyma scanty paratracheal and apotracheal diffuse-in-aggregates with a slight tendency to interrupted, one cell wide, bands. Thin- to thick-walled non-septate fibres.


Paradiospyroxylon is derived from the extant genus Diospyros.

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood

Names associated with genus

Paradiospyroxylon kvacekii Koutecký et Sakala in Koutecký, Sakala & Chytrý 2022


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