Apricasporites calculosus G.Playford

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002965

Act LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:act:2965

Author: G. Playford

Rank: species

Genus: Apricasporites G.Playford

Reference: Playford, G. (2022): Mississippian palynoflora from the Clarke River Basin, north Queensland, Australia. – Ameghiniana 59(4): 225–264.

Page of description: 250

Illustrations or figures: fig. 10.11–10.16

Name is type for


Holotype D561/3, L38/3, Queensland Museum, Australia
Figures: fig. 10.11

Original diagnosis/description

Radial trilete spores with circular to convexly subtriangular amb. Laesurae ± distinct, simple, straight, extending at least two-thirds of distance to equatorial periphery. Exine two-layered. intexine laevigate, 1.2–1.8 μm thick, variably contracted or appressed to exoexine, outline (polar view) ± conforming to amb. Exoexine ca. 1 μm thick, conspicuously and comprehensively sculptured with coarse, close-spaced verrucae. Verrucae circular, subcircular, or irregularly elongate in basal outline, <1–7 μm apart, basal diameter 4.5–20 μm, height 1.8–5 μm. Verrucae closer spaced distally (commonly separated by fine negative reticulum) than proximally.


Latin, calculosus, knobbly.


Carboniferous, Mississippian
Lyall Formation.


Clarke River Basin, Queensland.

Plant fossil remain

pollen and spores


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