Similiscutum giganteum Mailliot, E.Mattioli, Chaumeil-Rodríguez et Pittet

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN003067


Authors: S. Mailliot, E. Mattioli, M. Chaumeil-Rodríguez & B. Pittet

Rank: species

Reference: Mailliot, S., Mattioli, E., Chaumeil-Rodríguez, M. & Pittet, B. (2023): Revisiting Early Jurassic Biscutaceae: Similiscutum giganteum sp. nov.Journal of Micropalaeontology 42(1): 1–12.

Page of description: 7

Illustrations or figures: pl. 1, figs 1–9


Holotype FSL no. 766528, Collections de Géologie de Lyon
Figures: pl. 1, fig. 1

Original diagnosis/description

A very large, broadly elliptical to elliptical species of Similiscutum with a bulky cross spanning the cen- tral area. The central area generally exhibits a lenticular shape and is quite reduced compared to the coccolith size.


From Latin giganteus, gigantic.


Jurassic, Lower Jurassic, Pliensbachian
Type locality. Peniche (Ponta do Trovão section), Portugal. Type level. Sample Pen08-Do2003 (= base of the “transition beds” or “couches de passage” = Bed 15a of Mouterde, 1955) in the uppermost Pliensbachian (Emaciatum ammonite Zone).


Peniche (Ponta do Trovão section).

Plant fossil remain

algae - nannofossils


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