Baoyinia sichuanensis D.Edwards et C.S.Li

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000311


Authors: D. Edwards & C. S. Li

Rank: species

Genus: Baoyinia D.Edwards et C.S.Li

Reference: Edwards, D. & Li, C. -S. (2018): Further insights into the Lower Devonian terrestrial vegetation of Sichuan Province, China. – Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 253: 37–48.

Page of description: 43

Illustrations or figures: pl. I, figs 4–6, pl. II, figs 1–13

Name is type for

Baoyinia D.Edwards et C.S.Li 2018


Holotype CBYn 8330, Palaeobotanical Museum of China, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Previously published illustration or figures: pl. 3. fig. 20 in Geng, B. Y. (1992): Studies on Early Devonian flora of Sichuan. – Acta Phytotax. Sin. 30: 197–211.

Note: Holotype refigured in Edwards and Li (2018: Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol., 253: pl. I. fig. 5).

Original diagnosis/description

Plant with smooth stems and strobili terminating in clusters of ovoid sporangia, their bases tapering into short, straight stalks. Distal sporangia more widely separated. Sporangia spit longitudinally into two equal valves that lack thickened margins. Strobilar axis and stalks with central, longitudinally orientated ?vascular strands. Strobilar axis 2-3mm wide with central strand c.0.4 mm in diameter. Sporangial maximum diameter 2.5–3.5 mm (x = 2.8 mm, n = 30), approximate height 4–7.5 mm (x = 5.6 mm, n = 26). Stalk width 0.6–2.0 mm, central trace 0.2 mm wide, length approximately 1–2 mm.


From the Chinese Province, Sichuan.


Devonian, Lower Devonian, Lochkovian
Horizon 2 at the base of the Pingyipu Group, Lochkovian/early Pragian


Yanmenba section, Jiangyou district, North Sichuan

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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