Perissothallus dekovensis Pšenička et M.Krings

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000318


Authors: J. Pšenička & M. Krings

Rank: species

Reference: Pšenička, J. & Krings, M. (2015): First record of the noncalcareous macroalga Perissothallus from shallow-water deposits (Pennsylvanian) in the Kladno-Rakovník Basin, Czech Republic. – Bulletin of Geosciences 91(online)(1): 57–64.

Page of description: 59

Illustrations or figures: figs 3, 4


Holotype ZŠ 593, Czech Geological Survey, Prague, the Czech Republic
Figures: fig. 3A, B

Original diagnosis/description

Thallus small, sessile, solitary, relatively loosely organized; holdfast prominent, hemispherical; erect branches numerous, extending from entire surface of holdfast; branches cylindrical, usually up to 35 mm long and dichotomizing 5–6 times; branch segments (between two dichotomies) mostly between 3 and 10 mm long; ultimate segments short, often somewhat club-shaped, tips rounded or somewhat tapering.


The epithet “dekovensis” refers to the provenance of the material.


Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian
Kounov Coals (layer directly below Lower Kounov Coal), Kounov Member, Slaný Formation, lowermost Gzhelian (Stephanian B), Upper Pennsylvanian


Czech Republic
Abandoned quarry southeast of the village of Děkov (50°10´24.7˝ N; 13°33´19.8˝ E)

Plant fossil remain

algae - other


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