Antarctoxylon mixai Sakala in Sakala & Vodrážka

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000387


Author: J. Sakala

Rank: species

Reference: Sakala, J. & Vodrážka, R. (2013): A new species of Antarctoxylon: a contribution to the early angiosperm ecosystem of Antarctica during the late Cretaceous. – Antarctic Science 26(online)(4): 371–376.

Page of description: 372

Illustrations or figures: fig. 3


Holotype A.061F.W2C, Czech Geological Survey, Prague, the Czech Republic
Figures: fig. 3

Note: One piece of wood (CGS A.061F.W2C) and three thin sections (47 925, 47 926, 47 927); all housed in the collections of the Czech Geological Survey, Prague, Czech Republic

Original diagnosis/description

Heteroxylous diffuse-porous wood with indistinct growth ring boundaries. Vessels are mainly solitary, with scalariform perforation plates with around 30 bars and opposite to scalariform intervessel pits. Rays are slightly heterocellular of two distinct sizes: narrow 1–6-seriate and wide up to 18-seriate. Axial parenchyma is diffuse apotracheal and scanty paratracheal.


Named for the friend and head of the geological part of the Czech Antarctic project Petr Mixa.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous, Coniacian
Coniacian of the Hidden Lake Formation


Northern part of the James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula (63849'16.0''S, 57853'22.8''W)

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood


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