Antarctoxylon I.Poole et Cantrill

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000395


Authors: I. Poole & D. J. Cantrill

Rank: genus

Reference: Poole, I. & Cantrill, D. J. (2001): Fossil Woods From Williams Point Beds, Livingston Island, Antarctica: A Late Cretaceous Southern High Latitude Flora. – Palaeontology 44(6): 1081–1112.

Page of description: 1100


Antarctoxylon livingstonensis I.Poole et Cantrill

Original diagnosis/description

Xylem of dicotyledonous angiosperm. Growth rings absent or indistinct. Wood diffuse to semi-ring porous. Vessels solitary and/or grouped. Perforation plates simple and/or scalariform. Rays heterocellular, mainly multiseriate. Parenchyma diffuse.

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood


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