Antarctoxylon heteroporosum I.Poole et Cantrill

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000397


Authors: I. Poole & D. J. Cantrill

Rank: species

Reference: Poole, I. & Cantrill, D. J. (2001): Fossil Woods From Williams Point Beds, Livingston Island, Antarctica: A Late Cretaceous Southern High Latitude Flora. – Palaeontology 44(6): 1081–1112.

Page of description: 1106

Illustrations or figures: pl. 9, figs 1–6


Holotype P. 3055.14, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Figures: pl. 9, figs 3–4, 6

Original diagnosis/description

Vessels solitary, paired and in short radial groups (of up to six pores). Perforation plates simple and scalariform. Intervessel pitting opposite, transitional and scalariform. Vessel-ray pitting scalariform. Rays 1–4 cells wide, composed of procumbent and square cells.


After the presence of both simple and scalariform perforation plates in the wood.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous
Williams Point Beds, age-range of Cenomanian–early Campanian


ash-rich horizon outcropping between two large hydroclastic vents on Williams Point, Livingston Island, 62°28.5′S, 60°8.2′W

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood


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