Mcdougallia E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000493


Authors: E. M. Friis, P. R. Crane & K. R. Pedersen

Rank: genus

Reference: Friis, E. M., Crane, P. R. & Pedersen, K. R. (2019): The Early Cretaceous mesofossil flora of Torres Vedras (NE of Forte da Forca), Portugal: a palaeofloristic analysis of an early angiosperm community. – Fossil Imprint 75(2): 153–257.

Page of description: 232


Mcdougallia irregularis E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen

Original diagnosis/description

Pollen, small, almost spherical, tricolpate. Colpi long, reaching almost to the poles sometimes separated by irregular folds. Exine tectate-punctate in the polar regions and along the colpi; tectate-foveolate to reticulate in mesocolpial regions. Columellae short. Colpus margin distinct. Colpus membrane verrucate. Orbicules small, spherical with faintly striate surface.


In honor of the British palynologist Audrey B. McDougall in recognition of her contribution to the study of Early Cretaceous angiosperms.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood

Names associated with genus

Mcdougallia irregularis E.M.Friis, P.R.Crane et K.R.Pedersen 2019


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