Girvanella pituutaq Peel

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000530


Author: J. S. Peel

Rank: species

Reference: Peel, J. S. (2018): An epiphytacean-Girvanella (Cyanobacteria) symbiosis from the Cambrian (Series 3; Drumian) of North Greenland (Laurentia). – Bulletin of Geosciences 93(3): 327–336.

Page of description: 333

Illustrations or figures: fig. 2A


Holotype PMU 31758, Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
Figures: fig. 2A

Note: Holotype: from GGU sample 315119 [GGU indicates a sample made during regional geological campaigns of Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse (Geological Survey of Greenland)].

Original diagnosis/description

Thin-walled, cylindrical filaments, about 60–80 μm in external diameter, regularly twisted together into a rope.


From ‘pituutaq’, the Greenlandic word for rope, alluding to the twisting together of the filaments.


Cambrian, Cambrian Series 3, Drumian
Ekspedition Bræ Formation


Greenland (Denmark)
Southern Freuchen Land, North Greenland

Plant fossil remain

cyanobacteria and other prokaryotes


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