Cretaceoxylon heteropunctatum Pujana in Pujana, Iglesias, Raffi & Olivero

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000703


Author: R. R. Pujana

Rank: species

Genus: Cretaceoxylon Pujana in Pujana, Iglesias, Raffi & Olivero

Reference: Pujana, R. R., Iglesias, A., Raffi, M. E. & Olivero, E. B. (2018): Angiosperm fossil woods from the Upper Cretaceous of Western Antarctica (Santa Marta Formation). – Cretaceous Research 90: 349–362.

Page of description: 357

Illustrations or figures: fig. 5A–O

Name is type for

Cretaceoxylon Pujana in Pujana, Iglesias, Raffi & Olivero 2018


Original diagnosis/description

Growth ring boundaries absent to indistinct. Vessels solitary or mostly in short radial multiples. Perforation plates simple and scalariform with few bars (usually less than 12). Rays uniseriate to 4-seriate, heterocellular. Vessel-ray parenchyma pits of two types, scalariform and large elliptical. Axial parenchyma common and diffuse.


Hetero, different, punctatum, pits, for the two types of vessel-ray parenchyma pits.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous, Campanian
Santa Marta Formation, Beta Member, lower Campanian


James Ross Island (fossiliferous site 4, 63°54′14″ S, 57°54′40″ W)

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood


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