Pecopteris bohemica Corda in Reuss

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000826


Author: A. K. J. Corda

Rank: species

Reference: Reuss, A. E. (R. ) von (1846): Die Versteinerungen der bonmischen Kreideformation, zweite Abth. E. Schweitzerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Stuttgart: iv + 148 pp.

Page of description: 95

Illustrations or figures: Pl. 40, fig. 1

Other combinations

Mesenea bohemica (Corda) J.Kvaček 1999


Holotype F 586, National Museum, Prague, the Czech Republic
Figures: Pl. 49, fig. 1

Original diagnosis/description

P. fragmentum pinnatum, lanceolatum, rhacho sulcata, pinnulis lanceolatis acutis subpatentibus.

Emended diagnosis

J.Kvaček (Acta Mus. Nat. Pragae, Ser. B, Hist. Nat., 55 (1-2): 18:

Fronds tripinnate, large. Shape ofprimary pinnae unknown, apical parts of secondary pinnae lanceolate, partly overlapping, rachis robust. Tertiary pinnae lanceolate, parallel-sided in the basal and medial parts, graduaIIy narrowing to the apex. Pinnules lanceolate or oblong, shortly decurrent, with acute apex, bearing one or several teeth on abmedial margin. Venation very inconspicuous; one primary vein and several secondary veins entering the pinnules at the base. Pinnules coriaceous, bearing thick cuticle. Adaxial cuticle showing elongate cells ; some ofthem conspicuously smaller and thickly cutinized. Abaxial cuticle consisting oftetragonal or polygonal cells, bearing haplocheilic stomata, irregularly orientated. Stomatal apparatus incompletely dicyclic, guard cells sunken, overlapped by 4(6) subsidiary ceIls which form an oval or circular border around the stomatal pit; two ofsubsidiary cells in lateral position, two others in polar position. Trichome bases rounded, frequent near the rachis. Some of ordinary ceIls thickly cutinized.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian
Peruc-Korycany Formation


Czech Republic
Mšené-lázně (= Msseno bei Schlan, by Corda)

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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