Alloiopteris loecsei Pšenička, R.Rössler, Frojdová, Opluštil et Merbitz

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000853


Authors: J. Pšenička, R. Rößler, J. Frojdová, S. Opluštil & M. Merbitz

Rank: species

Reference: Pšenička, J., Rößler, R., Frojdová, J., Opluštil, S. & Merbitz, M. (2019): A new anatomically preserved Alloiopteris fern from Moscovian (Bolsovian) volcanoclastics of Flöha (Flöha Basin, SE Germany). – PalZ 93: 395–407.

Page of description: 399

Illustrations or figures: figs 2–6


Holotype MfNC F15805, Museum für Naturkunde Chemnitz, Germany
Figures: fig. 4a

Original diagnosis/description

At least bipinnate fronds. Rachides and veins bearing spines or spine bases. Ultimate pinnae alternate, elongate–linear in outline, more or less symmetrical. The basalmost acroscopic pinnules of ultimate pinnae laminar and aphleboid. Pinnules alternate, decurrent, up to ~1 mm wide and ~3 mm long, connate in the basal third of the pinnule lamina. Pinnules with a single midvein that bifurcates once close the pinna rachis; resulting veins similar in thickness to midvein, and each running towards and terminating in an acute tip at the distal pinnule margin.


This species is named in honour of Frank Löcse, who found the specimens and initiated manifold research activities in the Flöha Basin.


Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian, Moscovian
Basal pyroclastics of the Schweddey Ignimbrite, Flöha Formation, lower Moscovian (Bolsovian)


Flöha (Flöha Basin, SE Germany)

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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