Cyclagelosphaera platyaspis Aguado in Aguado, Company, O'Dogherty, Sandoval & Martinez

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001010


Author: R. Aguado Merlo

Rank: species

Reference: Aguado, R., Company, M., O'Dogherty, L., Sandoval, J. & Martinez, M. (2022): New insights into the Barremian–lower Aptian calcareous nannofossils of the Mediterranean Tethys: Chronostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implications. – Marine Micropaleontology 173: 102114 (24 pp.).

Page of description: 19

Illustrations or figures: fig. 12N-Q


Original diagnosis/description

Diagnosis: Large (7.0–8.4 μm) Cyclagelosphaera coccoliths having a wide distal shield and a very small (1.1–1.4 μm) central area.

Description: Circular placoliths with proximal and distal shield elements composed by R-units. In distal view, the V-unit forms a narrow distal cycle around the central area and is seen as a thin, dark line under cross-polarized light microscopy. The central area is very small (1.1–1.4 μm) compared to the distal shield (7.0–8.4 μm), and is completely closed.

Dimensions: width = 7.0–8.4 (average 7.5) μm; specimens measured: 6.

Holotype dimensions: width = 8.4 μm, central area = 1.1 μm.


Cretaceous, Lower Cretaceous, Barremian
Type level: Uppermost Barremian, sample X.Kv2-700 (NC6A nannofossil Zone; lower part of the Martelites sarasini ammonite Subzone).

Occurrence: Sporadically recorded throughout the upper Barremian (uppermost part of the Hemihoplites feraudianus ammonite Subzone to the lower part of the Martelites sarasini ammonite Subzone), within the uppermost part of the NC5E Subzone to lowermost part of the NC6A Zone of calcareous nannofossils. This species is a very rare component of the assemblages. It has been recorded from sections X.Kv2 and X.Ag6 in the Subbetic domain in the Betic Cordillera (southern Spain).


Type locality: X.Kv2 section (38.053 N; 1.889 W), Province of Murcia, southeastern Spain.

Plant fossil remain

algae - nannofossils


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