Hans-Joachim Gregor

Standard form: H.-J.Gregor

Author LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:auth:260


IPNI ID: 20020360-2

New names

Chenopodium wetzleri H.-J.Gregor 1984

Iodes israelii Soudry et H.-J.Gregor 1997

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Soudry, D. & Gregor, H. -J. (1997): Jodes israelii sp. nov.: a huge phosphate-mineralized icacinacean fructification from the Late Cretaceous of the Negev, southern Israel. – Cretac. Res. 18(2): 161–178.

Gregor, H. -J. (1984): Chenopodium wetzleri nov. spec. – Erstnachweis der Gattung Chenopodium Linné in der Oberen Süßwassermolasse Bayerns. in Molasseforschung '84: zum Gedenken an August Wetzler (1812-1881). Historischer Verein Günzburg e.V., Günzburg: 22–24, figs 1–13.


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