Michael A. Millay

Standard form: Millay

Author LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:auth:45

Country: USA

Flourished around: 1977

IPNI ID: 30003-1

New names

Acaulangium Millay 1977

Acaulangium bulbaceus (Graham) Millay 1977

Escapia G.W.Rothwell, Millay et Stockey 2018

Escapia christensenioides G.W.Rothwell, Millay et Stockey 2018

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Rothwell, G. W., Millay, M. A. & Stockey, R. A. (2018): Escapia gen. nov.: morphological evolution, paleogeographic diversification, and the environmental distribution of marattialean ferns through time. in Krings, M., Harper, C. L., Cuneo, N. R., Rothwell, G. W. (eds): Transformative paleobotany. Papers to commemorate the life and legacy of Thomas N. Taylor. Elsevier: 271–360.

Millay, M. A. (1977): Acaulangium gen. n., a fertile marattialean from the Upper Pennsylvanian of Illinois. – Amer. J. Bot. 64(2): 223–229.


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