Afrikan Nikolaevich Kryshtofovich

Standard form: Krysht.

Author LSID:

Country: Russia

*1885 - †1953

IPNI ID: 5092-1

Alternative Names
Krischtofowitsch, African Nikolaevich, Kryshtofovich, African Nikolaevich, Krištofovič, African Nikolaevich, Kryshtofovicz, African Nikolaevich, Krištofovič, Kryštofovič

New names

Aralia lucifera Krysht. 1929

Pandanophyllum Krysht. 1929 nom. illeg., non Pandanophyllum Hassk., Tijdschr. Natuurl. Gesch. Physiol. 9(2-3): 118 (1843)

Pandanophyllum ahnertii Krysht. 1929

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