Frequently asked questions

For detailed guide on name and typification registration see also our Registration guide page.

Create a user account and log in into PFNR. Use links from home page, browse pages or your user area to register a new name or type. Minimal information is required to create a new name - just enter the proposed Latin name and at least one author of the taxon. You can change or expand these later as the work progresses. You will find your nomenclatural act number on detail of the name, or listed below registered typification.

After you log in, click on register new name link in your User area, homepage or name browse page.

Enter the Latin name (without authors)

Select taxon rank (or let PFNR decide based on name format).

Enter one or more authors of the name. You can also import authors from reference (manuscript), if you've registered one previously.

Providing manuscript, diagnosis, locality and stratigraphy information is optional and can be updated later. You can also change Latin name, authors or their order, name of reference and so on, as long as the record is in registration mode.

You can add the basionym to PFNR database either directly from registration form (click on the + button next to basionym ID field), or add the basionym beforehand and just click on "Recombine name" link on it's page.
You will find all your records listed in User area marked with yellow "Registration" label. Find the reference that was published, make sure all information is up to date, that the reference contains page numbers and date of print and click on "Close registration" link. All names and types associated with this reference will be marked as published. Administrators can then review the records and make them public in the ever growing database of plant fossil names.
We'll be grateful for all your help to expand this database. Registered users can add names, combinations, replacement names, types, scientific papers or monographs, journals, palaeobotanist and so on. These records are then reviewed by administrators and made public.
Please report the mistake by using comments function available for all registered users from page of respective name, reference, author or journal. You can also email us on
We will be happy to hear them. Please e-mail us on