Abbreviation: PLoS ONE

Published: from 2006 to present

Publisher: Public Library of Science, San Francisco, California, USA
ISSN (online): 1932-6203

IPNI ID: 20011707-1


Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Yamada, T., Yamada, M. & Tsukagoshi, M. (2015): Taxonomic revision of Pinus fujiii (Yasui) Miki (Pinaceae) and its implication for the phytogeography of the Section Trifoliae in East Asia. – PLoS ONE 10(12): e0143512 (18 pp.).

Jud, N. A., Gandolfo, M. A., Iglesias, A. & Wilf, P. (2017): Flowering after disaster: Early Danian buckthorn (Rhamnaceae) flowers and leaves from Patagonia. – PLoS ONE 12(5): e0176164 (24 pp.).


stylized also "PLOS One" or "PLOS ONE"


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