Erdtmanispermum K.R.Pedersen, P.R.Crane et E.M.Friis

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001903


Authors: K. R. Pedersen, P. R. Crane & E. M. Friis

Rank: genus

Reference: Pedersen, K. R., Crane, P. R. & Friis, E. M. (1989): Pollen organs and seeds with Eucommiidites pollen. – Grana 28: 279–294.

Page of description: 286


Erdtmanispermum balticum K.R.Pedersen, P.R.Crane et E.M.Friis

Original diagnosis/description

Seeds ovoid to ellipsoid in longitudinal outline, with a distinctly pointed or elongated micropylar projection and rounded to weakly triangular in transverse section. Nucellus weakly cutinised, surrounded by a thin inner integument and a sclerified outer envelope. Megaspore membrane well developed, resistant to maceration, with a distinct granular structure. Pollen grains in micropyle of the Eucommiidites-type


In honour of Gunnar Erdtman who first drew attention to the Eucommiidites pollen grains.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood

Names associated with genus

Erdtmanispermum balticum K.R.Pedersen, P.R.Crane et E.M.Friis 1989

Erdtmanispermum juncalense M.M.Mendes, E.M.Friis et Pais 2008


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