Erdtmanispermum juncalense M.M.Mendes, E.M.Friis et Pais

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001905


Authors: M. M. Mendes, E. M. Friis & J. Pais

Rank: species

Genus: Erdtmanispermum K.R.Pedersen, P.R.Crane et E.M.Friis

Reference: Mendes, M. M., Friis, E. M. & Pais, J. (2008): Erdtmanispermum juncalense sp. nov., a new species of the extinct order Erdtmanithecales from the Early Cretaceous (probably Berriasian) of Portugal. – Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 149(1–2): 50–56., link

Page of description: 54

Illustrations or figures: pl. I, figs 1–7


Holotype P0030, Earth Sciences Department, Technology and Sciences College, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Figures: pl. I, figs 1, 5, 7

Note: Holotype: P0030 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 58).

Paratypes: P0028 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 58; illustrated Plate I, 2, 6), P0029 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 58; illustrated Plate I, 3, 4), P0031 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 58), P0033 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 58), P0034 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 58), P0035 (Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, sample 57).

Original diagnosis/description

As for the genus with the following distinguishing characters: seeds ovoid to guttiform in outline shape. Outer envelope distinctly rugulate.


The specific epithet juncalense is derived from the village of Juncal close to where the specimens were collected.


Cretaceous, Lower Cretaceous
probably Berriasian
top of the Bombarral formation


Juncal–Vale Painho clay pit, Estremadura region (39° 35′ 27.4″ N; 08° 54′ 09.2″ W).

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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