Dadoxylon bindrabunense S.C.D.Sah et K.P.Jain

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000234


Authors: S. C. D. Sah & K. P. Jain

Rank: species

Reference: Sah, S. C. D. & Jain, K. P. (1964): Some fossil woods from the Jurassic of Rajmahal Hills, Bihar, India. – The Palaeobotanist 12(2): 169–180 + 3 pls., link

Page of description: 174

Illustrations or figures: pl. 2, figs 12–14, pl. 3, fig. 22


Holotype 3656, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow, India
Figures: pl. 2, figs 12–14, pl. 3, fig. 22

Note: Holotype characteristic: Only secondary wood preserved, measuring 8 × 18 cm in size.

Original protologue

Decorticated secondary wood, growth rings indistinct, only radial walls of the tracheids pitted. Pits mostly bi- to tri-seriate, (very rarely uniseriate), contiguous, alternate and hexagonal. Cross-field pits 4-12, bordered, oval or rounded, apertures almost as large as the border. Medullary rays simple, 1-45 cells high (average 25 cells), uniseriate. No xylem parenchyma or resin tracheids.


Rajmahal Stage


Bindrabun, Rajmahal Hills, Bihar.

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood