Archaeopetalanthus progressus Naugolnykh

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002601


Author: S. V. Naugolnykh

Rank: species

Genus: Archaeopetalanthus Naugolnykh

Reference: Naugolnykh, S. V. (2020): Archaeopetalanthus progressus gen. et sp. nov. - a new representative of the vojnovskyopsid gymnosperms from the Carboniferous of Siberia (Russia). – Wulfenia. Mitteilungen des Kärntner Botanikzentrums Klagenfurt 27: 97–113., link

Page of description: 101

Illustrations or figures: figs 1A–C, F, 2–6, 7A–D, F, G, 8A–D, F, G, 9

Name is type for


Holotype 4846/153-A, Monographic Department of the State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russian
Figures: figs 1A–C, F, 2–6, 7A–D, F, G, 8A–D, F, G, 9

Original diagnosis/description

Bisexual reproductive organs consist of an axis of obconic shape, with narrow base and widening upper part. Central part/central area of upper (abaxial) surface of the axis bears numerous microsporangia producing anasulcate pollen. Peripheral margins of abaxial surface bear radially orientated long and narrow appendages. Most of appendages sterile. Some of appendages have terminal winged seeds. Small glands between microsporangia and basal parts of appendages.


Progressus (Latin) – evolutionary advanced.


Middle/Late Carboniferous, Listvjanskaya Formation


Russian Federation
the right bank of the Kan River, mouth of the Mokhovoj Creek (Rivulet), upstream of the city of Kansk

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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